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Welcome to Berryville Frozen Yogurt & Juice

Berryville Frozen Yogurt & Juice is now open! We are offering a monthly Raffle in a chance to win free IPAD, Free gift cards, Free facials and free oil change. Come and join and we will celebrate with the winner, not only the gift but also free juice and free frozen yogurt.


Berryville doesn't just host our own events; we can host your's too! We host all events, including birthday parties, graduation parties, book clubs, baby showers, local charities and fundraisers, and more. Contact us today for details and pricing.

Loyalty cards are offered to customers, get 4 juices and have the 5th free, order 9 frozen yogurts and have the 10th free (up to 8 oz.)

The Fun, Tasty Option in Phoenixville!

Welcome to the home of Berryville Frozen Yogurt & Juice! We are now open to serve you, our store will be offering Phoenixville, Pennsylvania customers healthy frozen yogurt and juice options. Our store is a family friendly establishment that is looking forward to becoming a staple in the community for those seeking a healthy drink or dessert.

Berryville frozen yogurt tastes delicious and it's also good for you. It is recommended by many nutritionists as a low-calorie treat, our frozen yogurt is a natural source of protein and calcium, and contains probiotics (live and active yogurt cultures) which support a healthy digestive system and immunity. Our yogurt is available in both non-fat and low-fat options, is a good source of dairy for your diet, and can act as a meal replacement.

If you’re tired of unhealthy dessert and drink options and want to go the healthier route, we’re the perfect place for you! Located in Phoenixville, we’re just a short drive away from Kimberton and Chester Springs. Our store features a large variety of 100% natural juices and a self-serve frozen yogurt station that will feature plenty of fun flavors and toppings. Berryville Frozen Yogurt & Juice desserts stand out from the competition, because all frozen yogurt flavors are low in fat, sugar and cholesterol. Berryville Frozen Yogurt & Juice plans on having rotating flavors and a fun frozen yogurt flavor of the month as well!

Please be sure to take a look around Berryville Frozen Yogurt & Juice’s website. There is additional information about our store and our plans for our future opening. You can also check our more information about our frozen yogurt and our juices. Be sure to check both pages periodically, as they’ll be updated in the future with a full menu of items available for purchase at our store. Be sure to view the events page, so you’ll have access to exciting upcoming dates for children and adults at our establishment.

Looking to get in touch with the team at Berryville Frozen Yogurt & Juice? If you would like to know more about our frozen yogurt or our healthy juices, make sure you visit us in person or call us today. Our store is open and ready for business at 550 Kimberton Road, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, 19460. You can also give us a call at (610) 247-4376. Berryville Frozen Yogurt & Juiceis your choice for healthy snacks and healthy drinks in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

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